Sunday, March 16, 2014

It was bound to happen at some point

After owning my iPhone and snap on case for the past two years, it finally broke - dropped one too many times, apparently. Fortunately, only the glass on the back of the phone shattered, not the screen on the front. My case, which I absolutely loved also lost a corner. In all fairness, I will admit to having dropped this phone/case at least a couple dozen times or so in the past two years, so when all is said and done, it really was a good case. If I had been smart, I'd have replaced the case more recently and maybe avoided breaking the back glass.

I've had a bit of a run of bad karma lately - some drunken idiot smashed out the rear window of my car a couple weeks ago, last week I got a parking ticket - but apparently my karma is improving, because when I went to AT&T to see about getting my own cell phone contract (I'm on my parent's at the moment), a very nice young guy there said he likes to tinker with the broken phones they get in during his down time. He happened to have a spare piece of back glass for my version of the iPhone (one that was from a water-damaged phone) and he was kind enough to take my phone apart and replace the glass for me - for free. Kind of renewed my faith in humankind. And AT&T will keep my business when I get my own cell phone plan. I purchased an inexpensive case that will last the week until my new Uncommon case (like the snap on design above, but with a different graphic) comes in the mail. And then I might have gone home and ordered a super duper extra protective cover for my iPad. Just saying.

I did finally decide on some fabric for my daughter's tote bag - I think these sweet narwhals are just perfect for a swimming bag! I had almost forgot that I got about a half yard in a scrap pack from Hawthorne Threads months and months ago. I've vowed to sew only from my stash as my stash is ridiculous and I have no business buying more fabric. So, this tote bag will have a tan linen bottom with pink and white narwhals on the outside. If you're wondering, the narwhal fabric is Out to Sea by Sarah Jane - Find the Narwhal in bloom. I'm going to go with a pink the color of the fish for the lining inside. I'm quilting this tote with 1/4-inch quilting lines, so quilting the two sides is going to take some time, but I'm happy to have gotten both sides together, pinned and started. I work Monday through Thursday this week and again the following weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll have time to sit down at the sewing machine again, but I cannot wait to see this finished. It looks amazing pictured in my mind. Hannah is thrilled with the narwhals, so I'm sure she'll love it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Quick little project

Working on stitching on the binding of this little quilted mat for on top of my microwave. There's always a bunch of random stuff that ends up there - the garage opener, spare car keys - and I thought it would brighten up the kitchen to add a little bit of handmade. I had this great print from a scrap pack I purchased from Hawthorne Threads months ago, and it was just perfect for this project. I backed it in a black linen and bound it with leftover binding from my most recent baby quilt, since it matched perfectly.

I purchased some Clover clips from Amazon a couple weeks ago when ordering birthday presents for my daughter. I have to say, I love them and the price could not be beat. If you're in the market for them, check out Amazon.

Today is signed my daughter up for her first swimming lessons, which start in three weeks. I'm thinking of making her a tote bag to take to swim class, but I'm hemming and hawing about what fabrics to use and how to make it. I bought her a new swimsuit and a My Little Pony towel, so all she needs now is something to put it in.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Vintage grain sacks

Quite a while ago now, I began collecting vintage feed and grain sacks. It started with some that I'd found at an antique mall, and eventually I found some more in an old barn, thrown over the rafters where they'd been for decades. The other day I unearthed them from my storage unit and have been trying to decide what to do with them since.

 I love the colors and the graphics. Each bag is different. It's fun to imagine them in their previous life, carrying out the job for which they were intended. I have a variety of bags - smaller ones like these colored ones that were used to carry seed, and larger, heavier burlap bags.

These are the heavier burlap bags. I'm thinking that after a run through the washing machine, I might cut them apart and make a throw quilt for the living room. I'm just not sure what I'd back it with, as it would be quite heavy already. I love the typography on these sacks though. I think sewn together they'd look pretty amazing, with all their years of wear - some are mended in places, which I think gives them even more character.

What are your thoughts - what would you do with them?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Birthday girl

Five years ago today I gave birth to this amazing little girl! She has been the light of my life since she took her first breath and I am honored to be her mother.

At five, Hannah:
- Asks "what does _____ mean" constantly. Always wanting to know more about the words we use.
- Asks great questions ... some that I cannot even answer!
- Spends her morning at the Early Learning Center where she shines in her class.
- Enjoys playing with both of her brothers when they're with us.
- Loves building forts with pillows and blankets and hiding inside.
- Excited to start swimming lessons in three weeks.
- Full of energy - she goes and goes from the moment she wakes and fights sleep every night despite being obviously tired.
- Has been growing her hair since she was born and it's still not long enough to pull up in a ponytail!

Hannah was very specific about what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday: pink with pink frosting and M&Ms all around the side and strawberries on top. So that's exactly what I made for her (and she was over the moon about it!). I have to admit, although a strange combination, it was actually quite good!

What birthday is complete without presents? Hannah had a small party this last Saturday with us and the grandparents. She loved her gifts - especially her puppets and pop up book about fairies. Today we celebrated by getting her a card and even more presents. I'm hoping to get off work on time and we'll have a special evening together.

Here's pictures of Hannah on each of her birthdays, starting with her first.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Nightstand re-do

I had plenty of time today to tackle not only cleaning Hannah's room, but giving her bedside table a small makeover, as I waited for Safelite to come replace the rear window in my Toyota Camry that got smashed out over the weekend. I was supposed to work today, so I tried to make the most of an unexpected day off. This little nightstand is a simple pine table and it had seen it's share of wear - with stains and wax rings that just don't come off.

Since I'd washed all of Hannah's clothes and hung them up, then cleaned her room from top to bottom, the sad old nightstand just looked out of place. So, I hauled it downstairs and attacked it with some Modge Podge and scrapbooking paper. For a quick little upgrade, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and the top flattened out after the paper dried. We'll see what Hannah thinks when she gets home this afternoon!